Unpainted Keycaps


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Unpainted keycaps come in two quality grades:

Grade A: If you purchase a Grade-A Unpainted keycap you will get an unapainted functional keycap in its wooden box. The Artwrok of all our keycaps is always in excellent condition!

Grade B: If you purchase Grade-B Upainted keycap you will get two unpainted non-functional keycaps without a wooden box. The Artwrok of the keycaps is always in excellent condition but the stem is either too loose or too tight (randomly). This is a perfect choice for people that only wish to paint the artwork without using the keycap or just want to collect the artwork!

Please note that unpainted keycaps might, randomly, either be Grey, Primed Grey or Transparent.

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Grade-A "Supercap", Grade-A "The Demon", Grade-A "Total Recall Boobies", Grade-B "Supercap", Grade-B "The Demon", Grade-B "Total Recall Boobies"

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